Ari Harow


Ari Harow - At the Helm of Global Political Strategy

Ari Harow is the founder and CEO of Sheyaan Consulting, an international strategic and political consultancy. With years of domestic and international experience at the highest level, Harow is a seasoned political strategist. He has worked alongside several heads of state and government.


Background and Education

Ari Harow was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. In 1985 his family moved to Israel, where he completed his high school education and military service in the Israel Defense Forces, serving in the Golani Brigade infantry unit. Returning to the United States for his tertiary education, Harow graduated from City University of New York with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. He later completed his MA in Political Science at Tel Aviv University.

Political Strategist – Road to Success

Harow's fascination with politics and the intricate mechanisms on which any political system operates, soon turned into action. While in New York, he headed American Friends of the Likud, a not-for-profit educational organization aimed at educating its members on Israel and the Middle East via programs such as Caravan for Democracy and Young Leadership programs.

Harow became an influential political activist and was recruited and spent three years as the Bureau Chief to Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Taking a break from public service, he then founded international consulting firm 3H Global. With offices in the Middle East and Latin America, 3H Global works with politicians around the world, providing services including government policy, economic development programs and public relations.

Ari then returned to work alongside Netanyahu as his Chief of Staff and closest advisor. Harow has also worked on two winning election campaigns in Israel, including serving as Campaign Director for the globally acclaimed Netanyahu campaign in 2015.

Sheyaan Consulting – New Frontiers

Ari Harow’s most recent accomplishment is Sheyaan Consulting, of which he is the founder and CEO. Leading the firm's team of experienced political strategists, consultants and analysts, Harow provides invaluable support for global campaigns and governments. In 2013, he was a key campaign advisor for Paraguay's Presidential candidate Horacio Cartes. Not only was the campaign an overwhelming success, Ari helped lay out a definitive ‘100 Day Plan' for the government elect, based on a complex policy agenda covering a number of distinct areas including transportation, health, water, agriculture and a sound economic vision for Paraguay. The implementation of the plan was rolled out during the President’s first 100 days in office, and has resulted in significant improvements across the country.

With Ari Harow at the helm, Sheyaan Consulting has become recognized as an innovative player in the US advocacy and public affairs field. At Sheyaan, Harow’s experience in international relations and his strength in managing grassroots campaigns has been fused with digital media and creative strategic techniques. The impressive results are making a mark on the industry.


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