Sheyaan Consulting - Global Political Campaign Strategists


Founded by renowned international political strategist Ari Harow, Sheyaan Consulting brings together a wealth of talent and an unparalleled team of experts, working to help politicians and interest groups around the globe achieve their campaign goals and long term political strategies.


Sheyaan Consulting – Core Focus

Sheyaan focuses on grassroots campaigns and strategic advocacy, working with politicians, leaders and communities in countries across the world. Specializing in US relations, the firm has nurtured ties with global influencers, government officials, top business leaders, media outlets and NGOs. Taking an innovative approach, this wide-reaching network is fused with the ability to identify and activate grassroots constituents from across the US, allowing Sheyaan Consulting to develop and direct impactful political campaigns across all sectors. Sheyaan is the only consultancy using this unique model to recruit and empower ex-pat communities to advocate on relevant issues. 

Political Campaign Strategy

With a track record of successful high-profile campaigns, Ari Harow leads a core team to provide bespoke campaign strategy management services, producing policy-rich winning campaigns.  

* Pre-Election Campaigns: Sheyaan’s pre-election campaign strategies prioritize impactful public policies, amplified by media coverage, to gain the trust of the electorate. Sheyaan Consulting hones in on specific policy goals which are achievable, necessary and popular with the electorate. Sheyaan works with clients to prepare a campaign that ultimately delivers on promises. The company's entire consulting network comes into play during an election campaign, providing comprehensive support for candidates.

* Post-Election Implementation: Sheyaan’s ‘100 Day Plan’ sets out clear policy goals for the initial period in office. It is a key tool once a candidate has been elected, ensuring an atmosphere and record of achievement from day one in power. Sheyaan helps ensure that specific goals are met within 100 days of a successful election campaign. As such, winning candidates are able to retain the public confidence generated by the momentum of an election win.  

Sheyaan Team

Ari Harow, a veteran manager of successful political campaigns, has assembled a star team which includes former senior government advisors, PR and communications experts, digital gurus and an array of policy specialists.

Successful Campaigns – Sheyaan Consulting

In 2013, Sheyaan Consulting delivered a successful election campaign for President Horatio Cartes of Paraguay, also helping to institute reform and sustainable programs in several key areas including health, education and transportation during his first 100 days in office.

Sheyaan also worked with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his successful 2009 and 2015 campaigns, ensuring success in one of the world’s most complex political environments.